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Welcome to Bildombudsmannen

Staffan Teste, Bildombudsmannen AB, works as Picture ombudsman for Nordic countries. If you have problem to receive money from a buyer we can help you. We are involved in infringements of pictures owned by small copyright owners to big rights holders and picture agencies. As long as you own the copyright we will help you.
     Since 1977 we have helped several hundred copyright owners to receive money from a few thousand crowns to half a million. During late 90-ties we helped 18 picture agencies to receive about one million crowns from a collecting society. We help copyright owners and picture buyers to write fair contracts. We have also helped models to receive what they should and helped people, who have been unlawfully used in advertising.
     Teste is also working for BLF the Swedish organisation for photo companies and agencies in Sweden, second largest organisation of that kind in Europe and a member of Cepic.
   Staffan Teste has experience in International law in his position as a former member of the board of the European Picture agency organisation Cepic. He has represent Cepic in the World Intellectual Organisation, WIPO and in EU-hearings.
     Companies outside Sweden use Bildombudsmannen to help them with their problems in the picture world. Bildombudsmannen represent members of Picscout   on Nordic countries. Staffan Teste is member of an International law discussion group in Cepic. Every year lawyers from that group meet at Cepic conference in Europe.
     Send an email to and tell us your problems. We work on a commission base after a small amount of introduction money. If it turned out to be impossible to solve your case it does not cost you anything more.

Rättsvårdande intresse möjliggjorde intrång. Målet överklagat.

Datum 2017-02-17

En författare som fått ett outgivet verk utnyttjat utan tillstånd i en vårdnadstvist får finna sig i detta anser Stockholms tingsrätt i en dom i ett upphovsrättsligt tvistemål. Kvinnan utnyttjade författarens opublicerade verk i "rättsvårdande intresse" då hon påstod i rätten i ett annat mål om vårdnad av barn att det som författaren skrivit var sant och att hon skulle ha ensam vårdnad om sitt barn. Utnyttjande av verk i rättsvårdande intresse möjliggör att verk kan utnyttjas i en undantagsregel även om det annars skulle vara intrång, konstaterar domstolen. Domstolen tar inte hänsyn till att kvinnan utnyttjat verket till sin egen fördel i en vårdnadstvist utan dömer till kvinnans fördel. Domen går tvärtemot en tidigare dom där en kommun utnyttjat fotografier utan tillstånd som bevismaterial i en tvist. Då dömde hovrätt till upphovsmannens fördel gentemot kommunen. Författaren har överklagat och fått prövningstillstånd. Mlet skall nu avgöras i hovrätt.